Turo Facebook Groups

Two groups exist on Facebook that can be of benefit to both new and established hosts.

The first group - Turo Talk - is considered the “official" Turo channel on Facebook. I recommend interacting with this channel if you would like to communicate with Turo reps; many of the posts are monitored and provide factual insight into any concerns.

The second group - Turo Owner Car Rental Discussion Group Tips and Tricks - is an unofficial channel with more experiential feedback from fellow hosts. This community is very active; many of the hosts on this page have been hosting with Turo for years and can provide invaluable advice.

Tip: Utilize the search bar within Facebook to search for specific questions that may arise during your hosting journey.

Turo Reddit Group

Reddit’s Turo page has a wide range of topics for any potential host to look into. Due to the nature of the subreddit, both hosts and guests often post topics and questions for discussion. There is great benefit in understanding the concerns of potential guests through the anonymity of the forum - utilize their experiences to improve your own business operations.

Tip: If you have not used Reddit before, be sure to check the previously answered threads before posting a new one. If a question has been asked multiple times, the responses will be few - if any at all.

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