A specialty pouch - known as a faraday bag - works to block the signal for those Turo hosts that perform remote handoffs. Without a signal-blocking device, you may leave yourself vulnerable to thieves and/or property damage.

Note: All recommendations & advice provided should not be taken for gospel. Turo T&S change continuously; due diligence is required for proper remote procedure.

4 Steps to Block Keyless Entry Signal:

  1. Purchase a faraday pouch to block fob signal. My recommendation.

  2. Be sure that the pouch completely covers your key fob. Any sort of opening may allow the signal to pass through.

  3. Test the car locked car door to ensure that the faraday bag is functioning properly.

  4. If you have lost your faraday pouch, you may use aluminum foil as a DIY fix until a replacement part can be ordered.

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