Many Turo hosts have experienced this unfortunate scenario: we go to clean out our vehicle after a recent rental drop-off and get bombarded with literal smokescreen upon opening the driver door. There, fashioned nicely on the rear-view mirror, sits the black ice tree aimed at disguising the smoke smell.

Thankfully, there are some products available to assist with completely removing the odor for future guests.

Note: All recommendations & advice provided should not be taken for gospel. Turo T&S change continuously; due diligence is required.

5 Steps to Remove Smoke Odor:

  1. Purchase an ozone generator. My recommendation.

  2. Run the ozone generator in your car, cycling air throughout the interior to ensure complete scent removal.

  3. For extreme cases, you may need to run the ozone generator multiple times to successfully remove odor.

  4. Remove the ozone generator and “air” out the car of ozone buildup.

  5. As a personal preference, I also like spraying a bit of Ozium in the interior to further ensure smoke removal.

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