As vehicles are driven, chips and/or cracks are bound to arise. As a Turo host, you are allowed to make certain fixes yourself - including fixing chipped glass. While repairing window damage may seem daunting, chipped glass is relatively easy to DIY fix (so long as the damage is no greater than the size of a quarter). Here is a simple step-by-step process to resolving unexpected chips:

Note: All recommendations & advice provided should not be taken for gospel. Turo T&S change continuously; due diligence is required for proper windshield maintenance.

Windshield Chip Fix Guide:

  1. Review Turo’s official maintenance requirements.

  2. Purchase a windshield repair kit. My recommendation.

  3. Insert the resin into the crack/chip.

  4. Allow the resin to cure.

  5. Remove excess resin with a fine, fresh blade.

Video Tutorial:

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